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Brief selection from our  R e f e r e n c e   l i s t:

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Renovation of stage technology at Stadttheater Ingolstadt, Germany



Head of Frankfurt Office, EXPOTECHNIK EMEA I GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt a. M. 

Exhibition construction projects in USA, Europe, China. A. e. 2800 m2 stand for Volkswagen AG at Int. Motor Show in Beijing

2013 - 2015

PRO-Elektroplan GmbH, Munich

Specialist for Conveying Technology at new third

5 Star Terminal -Satellite Munich Airport-












2009 Dresden, Germany, Development of a Mulipurpose Cultural Art-Center  including  a State Musical Theater and 3 Dramatic Theaters.  Sound and Light Systems, based on newest technologies. Stage Machineries for over + under stage, fore, main and back stage. Specialized Stage Machines according E DIN 56950 with Computer-Control in AK 5 DIN 19250 / SIL 3 EN 61508 for all items on fore- main- and back stage. This Project is a Private Partnership (PPP).


2004 - 2005 Kazan, capital of Tatarstan, Part of Russian Federation, Musa Djalil Tatar Academic State Theatre of Opera and Ballet. ZTE is consulting and leading the project management for upper + under stage, fore, main and back stage technologies. ZTE leads the stage Project Management for all steel works, Machines according E DIN 56950 with Computer-Control in AK 5 DIN 19250 / SIL 3 EN 61508 for all items on fore- main- and back - stage
Forestage: 1 motorized railing for orchestra pit, 3 Orchestra Lifts; 2 point hoists; 1fly bar hoist Main stage: 1 Safety Curtain, 2 Main Curtains, 42 Decoration Winches, 16 point hoists, 1 motorized moving Portal with 2 movable Portal Towers, 4 Lighting Winches, 2 horizontal endless moving decoration winches, 1 vertical and horizontal computerized System for person lift to be mounted underneath any load bar, 4 big stage lifts 15 x 3 m, 20 Secondary lifts 3 x 3 m, 1 Decoration storage lift, 2 star lift  Back stage: 11 decoration winches, 2 Portal cranes, 1 Stage wagon 15 x 12 m. 2 Computer control panels. Main Curtain and all Decoration Curtains in Audience

What you can expect from us:

P  r  o  j  e  c  t     M  a  n  a  g  e  m  e  n  t


  • Determining how to plan

  • Standards for new systems

  • Developing the scope statement

  • Selecting the planning team

  • Identifying deliverers and creating the work breakdown structure

  • Identifying the activities needed to complete those deliverers and networking the activities in their logical sequence

  • Estimating the resource requirements for the activities

  • Estimating time and cost for activities

  • Developing the schedule

  • Developing the budget

  • Risk planning

  • Gaining formal approval to begin work

Executing, Monitoring and Controlling

  • Measuring the ongoing project activities

  • Evaluation of quality of change

  • Monitoring the project variables (cost, effort, scope) against the project management plan

  • Identify corrective actions to address issues and risks

  • Influencing the factors that could circumvent issues and risks


  • Continuing support of end users

  • Correction of errors

  • Updates


  • Project close: Finalize all activities across all of the process groups to formally close the project or a project phase

  • Contract closure: Complete and settle each contract (including the resolution of any open items) and close each contract applicable to the project or project phase

C  o  n  s  u  l  t  i  n g

  • Selecting the most figural solutions for the best realizable results

  • Following up strictly your budget and the musts in daily performance

  • Provision of advisory

  • Design starting zero until hand-over to client

  • Planning all design and engineering work on estimated time schedule

  • Writing specifications in a tender with layout drawings

  • Calculating estimated costs

  • Following up the financial aspects

  • Communication between the client and provider

  • Facility management

E  n  g  i  n  e  e  r  i  n g

  • Drawing up site

  • Structural analysis

  • Find out interfaces on items, mechanical parts, electronic and software parts

  • Project management of all engineering works and useful documentation

  • Designing of all steelworks, winches, drives and computerized power control for all computer controlled mechanical machines

  • Figuring out design alternatives on cost aspects

C o m p a n y   d a t a:


Z T E UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Menzelstr. 2 a

D - 85049 Ingolstadt

Tel.: +49-841-981-927-0
Mobile. : +49-170-491-405-7
Fax :  +49-321-298-3199-9









ZTE UG (haftungsbegrenzt)

Sitz: Ingolstadt, HRB 8310

UST-IdNr. DE bei  Finanzamt Ingolstadt, Postfach 210451, D-85019 Ingolstadt


H i s t o r y

In 1992 Norbert Zepter finished his studies with 'summa cum laude' at 'Technische Fachhochschule, Berlin' (University of Applied Sciences), as a specific mechanical engineer for theatre and event- technology.

After university, in 1992, one of his first steps into business was planning and doing light and sound at international car shows for NISSAN in fairs at Birmingham, Amsterdam and Paris. NISSAN won the first price for the best presentation twice. From 1993 to 1994 Norbert Zepter went back to theatres as a "Buehnenmeister", which means technical supervisor of staff on stage. Just to mention it, Norbert Zepter worked at "Theater Schaubuehne, Berlin", together with well-known director Peter Stein, when he made his studies from 1988 to 1992. In the eighties he designed and performed shows in the field of rock- music.

But let us come back to the more present part of Norbert Zepter's curriculum vitae:
In 1994 he started his successful career as a project manager for the most established deliverers in theatrical industry. During that time quite a number of theatres and three big opera houses crossed Norbert Zepter's path:. Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London, Opéra Garnier Paris, and New Opera House Moscow opened Norbert Zepter’s mind on his long way to the top. From 1997 to 1999 he learned to understand all those indispensable steps of development and final installation of the technical equipment in financial and engineering aspects, which  is needed to build up a new venue, theatre or multipurpose hall.

In 1999
ZEPTER Entertainment Engineering (ZEE) was founded by Norbert Zepter. Since that time the engineering company ZEE has been doing business with well-satisfied clients all over Europe, Asia and North America. After two years of exclusive working as a development engineering company for GALA, based in Montréal, Canada, Mr. Zepter decided to come back to Germany and continue his work as an independent company.
He split his companies into two separate firms:
has been from then on been part of music production.
After 2002 ZEE opened the fruitful field of doing organizing and producing event and entertainment business for modern music and broadcasting companies.
has concentrated on the business of high quality and fundamental  know-how, which  is needed for building up theatrical machineries for theatres and opera houses.
In the meantime ZTE (www.theater-engineering) has been doing design and consulting on high-end machinery, light and sound equipment for venues, multipurpose halls and various theatres and opera houses.